You are Deuce Darkstar on a secret, daring, foolhearty mission to infiltrate the Domain of Shmup and stop the Alien Downpour they are preparing to rain down upon all you know and love.  You know it's a suicide mission, but you eat suicide missions for breakfast and you're mighty hungry.

Good Hunting!

Alien Downpour is a fast-action arcade-style shooter for the Apple][ family of computers. In celebration of the 40th birthday of the Apple ][ computer, which debuted on April 16,1977, Snacking On Software proudly presents it's first in a series of brand new action games for the Appe ][ series.  Alien Downpour will be available mid April 2017 for $20 with free shipping, in old-school ziplock baggie packaging in 5.25 DOS 3.3 and Cassette formats. Orders are being taken now at  Requires 48k Ram Compatible with the Apple ][, Apple][+, Apple //e, Apple //c, Apple ]I[ (in compatibility mode), and Apple IIgs.  All Assembly Language.


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     Main Features
  • All Assembly Language for fast action!
  • Runs on all Apple ][ models 48k and above
  • Blast hundreds of aliens to oblivion
  • Save the universe!

Dude!  That's so cool!
-Bob Schlotz

"It's what all those
80s arcade games should
have been-classic gaming
with modern sensibilities."
-Henry Pedro

The game is a breath of fresh air for a classic system, with a great mix of game play and "shout outs" to other iconic game legends! A wonderful project and hopefully the first of many to come!
-Jay Gallagher
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